Registration and Passwords

How do I change my password?

To change password, click on My Account in the top menu. Next click on Change Password. Note: “My Account” only appear in the Top-menu after your login.

Is my information private?

Yes, your information is kept safely and privately.
After the registration you received a password emailed to you. You can keep the same password or change it.


How do I start a forum?

Forum for discussions are crated per community and subject. As a subscriber, you can participate of forums. However, if you see no forum listed under your community, is because no forum has been created so far. If you want to create a forum, send us an email through our Contact us page, requesting. We will be glad to consider and create a forum for you.


How do I start a group?

Subscribers can create or join Groups within their communities. Groups maybe public or private depending or its creator. Groups are interesting to join people with same interest and views to discuss matters and exchange ideas. To create a Group, send us an email requesting.


How do I post comments to posts?

Scroll down in post page and leave your comment, or reply to an existent comment.

How can I suggest an article or post for publication?

Send us an email requesting. Your post will be reviewed and published under your name as the author.


How do I see my community?

The name of your community appears under “Community” in the Top-menu only after you login and if your community is already listed with us.

How do you know which community I do belong?

By your address. When registering, we ask for your address. Our website verifies your name and address against the public records data bank to assure you are the owner of the property.

What happens if my community is not listed in this website?

Your registration will be accepted but no community will be assigned to your membership until someone with your community ask us to list it and post an article or news on the community. As a registered member in that community you can assess the files related to your community.

Who can request the listing of a community?

We accept request to list a community from any property owner who is registered with our website with exception of board members. Our website is not meant to be a communication vehicle for board members, but regular property owners. In addition you must also submit an article or news to be posted under your community.