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HOA Might Be Victim Of Embezzlement

Posted on February 4, 2016 By Don DeBat There are many clues to embezzlement, but the primary clue that theft or misappropriation of funds is occurring is secrecy. Any board member, officer, or management company that conceals records and financial transaction should be suspect. Best practice would mandate association finances…
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Condo Board Fraud

Article Courtesy of The Miami Herald By DONNA GEHRKE-WHITE Published May 25, 2007 The million-dollar theft at the Parker Plaza condo in Hallandale Beach illustrates a sad reality of condo life in Florida: It's difficult for owners to safeguard the funds they pay their associations for maintenance and repairs. While…
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Watch Your Body Language in HOA Communications

Many HOA Board members present information at annual meetings, committee gatherings and other HOA events. Do you know that verbal communications only account for about 35% of how the audience perceives your message (words, tone, inflection, etc.)? The remaining 65% consists of non-verbal communication clues. If there’s a disconnect in…
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How to Prepare for a Condo Association Board Meeting

Every month, Board Members around the country – no, around the world – meet to discuss and govern their Condo Associations. For most outsiders (and insiders), this is not exactly the most exciting thing that happens in a given month. However, with major budgets at stake, committee reports, and safety…
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No Rest for the Weary: Let’s Call It a Night on Night Board Meetings

Board members, managers and business partners all have to find some time to get together to discuss association operations and governance plans. In most instances today, those board meetings are happening at night, after regular business hours.   Read the article………..
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